Tanika and Stevie

December 8, 2018
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"Great, now what? The Ring."

“Having seen numerous friends and family become engaged I always imagined what it would feel like. How would I know that she was THE one. It wasn’t until I met Tanika that I 100% understood. I knew she would be my wife and life partner.

Great, now what? The ring. How on earth do I find a ring that is THE ring. Thankfully Izik and the team at Derocks guided me through the entire process.”

” I met with Izik and we spoke about Tanika and the style of ring that I think would suit her. I showed them some examples of rings that I thought she might like. I wanted something that was totally unique; Tanika is classic, unique, bold and bright. Before I knew it the team at DeRocks had sent through designs for a ring that matched what I was after and it was perfect.

A few weeks later I met up with Izik and he showed me the actual ring. I’d never seen anything like it. I cried and hugged Izik.

I hid the ring in an old sock, stuffed it into a shoe in my bag and went to work that day with Tanika.

I told Tanika that we had a meeting with an executive from Netflix at the top of Marina Bay Sands that night. We spent all day on stage as members of Hi-5 and then went to the top of MBS, I left Tanika to go to the bathroom and returned with her mother, friends and family and got down on one knee. The rest of the night is a bit of a blur but I’ll never forget her face as she saw the ring for the first time.

Buying a ring can be scary. Buying the perfect ring can be daunting. Buying from Izik and the team from Derocks was so special. It was perfect.

I still get a kick out it every time someone asks Tanika where she got her ring.” 

– Stevie

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