Classic Ring Types

August 18, 2020

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There are no rules when it comes to designing your own ring but here are a few examples behind the classic and most basic ring types in order to give you a starting point and some inspiration!

Promise Ring

A promise ring traditionally represents commitment and monogamy and is usually gifted to a partner before the engagement ring. Nowadays, promise rings are often exchanged between friends to symbolise their everlasting friendship. 


Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are typically given to a partner to announce to the world that marriage is on its way! Traditionally, engagement rings feature diamonds, however nowadays, anything is possible and people are getting more and more creative!


Wedding Ring

A wedding ring is a symbol of devotion and matrimony. Worn by both partners, they are often simple solid gold band. By embellishing your band with few diamonds to give it that extra sparkle, a simple wedding band is transformed into a ‘fancy wedding band’. 


Anniversary/Eternity Ring

The terms Anniversary ring and Eternity ring can be used interchangeably! They represent a milestone in the relationship and symbolise continued and everlasting love for one another, and are typically gifted on a wedding anniversary.


Trilogy Ring

A trilogy ring features three stones that traditionally symbolise the past, present and future. A popular option for engagement and/or anniversary rings, the combination of three stones leaves endless room for variations in its design. 


Cocktail/Statement Ring

Also known as statement rings, cocktail rings are bold and opulent designs featuring large precious/semi-precious stones (such as diamonds, emerald, ruby, pearls and more!). 

Bespoke Piece

Birthstone Ring

As the name suggests, birthstone rings feature the gemstone related to the specific month of a person’s birth. These rings are perfect as a meaningful and personalised gift for any occasion!